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POWDER COATING 2017 Call for Papers


The PCI Powder Coating 2017 Call for Papers is CLOSED

The Powder Coating Institute is pleased to announce The POWDER COATING 2017 Technical Conference.

The 2017 event will consist of the following:
  • March 27 – 28, PCI Powder Coating 101 Hands-On Workshop 
  • March 29 – 30, PCI Powder Coating Technical Conference
  • March 30 – 31, PCI Custom Coater Forum

All events will be held in at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis, IN. We are now accepting abstracts for the PCI Powder Coating 2017 Technical Conference.

Along with the essential sessions that are critical to powder coating operations, we are looking for new and innovative programming that offers intriguing information to improve powder coating operations, discusses hot industry trends, and provides ideas to enhance business practices.

The PCI Education Committee will review all abstracts and develop the program for the PCI Powder Coating 2017 Technical Conference.  Click here to see a sample of abstract topics.  Special consideration will be given to new and innovative presentations that will enhance the overall Technical Conference content.

Sample Abstract Topics
  • Powder Coating Related Topics
    • Applied cost of powder including labor and rework costs
    • Two coat applications - gel or no gel?
    • What’s happening with heat sensitive substrates?
    • Ways to improve application quality & troubleshooting
    • Proper manual powder coating techniques
    • Ways to reduce powder consumption
    • Innovations in powder booth & recovery equipment
    • Powder coating line automation
    • Powder Formulations: Types available & what is best for different applications
    • Cleaner & Safer Working Conditions/Coating Operation Organization & Safety / Grounding / Flame Detection
    • System Design and Installation panel - justification, selection, installation, start-up, experiences, and best practices
    • Writing powder coating specifications
  • Specialty Applications
    • MDF, Metallics, Enamel, Protective or Specialized Coatings
    • Case Studies including:
    • Conversion to powder coating case studies
    • Case studies on unique applications including fast color change
    • Market case studies: Automotive, Medical, Architectural/Aluminum Extrusion, Electrical, Job Coating, Appliances, Agricultural, Marine, Aerospace
  • Business Topics
    • Mentoring – An essential leadership skill
    • Hiring & Retaining Employees / Recruiting / Training / Motivation / Recognition / Employee Engagement
    • Workplace Diversity
    • Management Issues / Managing Employees / Leadership over Management
    • Embracing & adapting to change
    • Benefits of a certification programs
    • Marketing & business trends
    • Marketing – How to do more with less money & staff
    • Customer service
    • Selling in an internet world
    • Know what customers say about you and how to do damage control
    • How to get better Website Performance/Activity
    • How to Develop Social Media Content
    • You Tube – How to increase views, ranking
    • Understanding digital media & how it can work for you.
    • Technology & advancements to increase leads & profit (social media, website, CRM, mobile, tradeshows, advertising-web & print, etc….)