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World Powder Coating Study

Developed by CHEMARK Consulting Group, The World Powder Coating Study is for organizations within the powder coatings value chain of activity who are seeking strategic knowledge in both regional as well as global powder coatings market dynamics. 

This study provides:

  • Summaries on input/output by region by market segment in pounds/USD; Significant developments; Trends by region/market/raw materials; Impact/penetration of powder versus other product line alternatives; Price/value assessments at powder formulator; Industry anaylsis by region/market segment; Political influence impact by region/market segment; Government regulations; End-Users by region/market, and more.
  • Industry Analysis of global coatings industry by region/markets; Threats to powder coatings; Industry concentration; Cost-to-value of powder coatings in major segments; Types of formulative technologies by region/market; Major end-users; Mergers and acquisitions, and more.
  • Government Regulations on air quality, emission regulations, toxicity controls; Regional government ruling bodies; Industry associations/initiatives
  • End-Use Markets such as agricultural & construction equipment, architectural, automotive and transportation, appliance, electrical, furniture, general metal, HVAC, job coaters, lawn and garden
  • Functional such as rebar, gas transmission, valves, gas riser pipe, water tanks, fire hydrants
  • Unclassified or Miscellaneous such as items used for unconventional purposes, binders, fillers, unique non-coating-related uses, coatings-related uses not listed in above categories
  • Raw Materials such as epoxy resin, COOH polyester resin, OH polyester resin, bifunctional polyester resin, acrylic resins, silicone, maleated and acrylated polyester, aromatic polyesters, thermoplastic resins, curing agents, flow modifiers and antipinholing agents, as well as functional additives
  • Powder Manufacturing Dynamics such as trends, improvements, economics
  • Powder Coating Application and Recovery Equipment Technologies and trends, improvements, economics associated with them
  • Auxiliary Equipment and Integrated Systems

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