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Every issue of Powder Coated Tough focuses on powder coating and how this Stronger, Greener, Better coatings technology is used in almost every industrial marketplace. The magazine delivers case studies, solutions, and resources to help readers succeed in their business.

With more than 20,000 subscribers in more than 100 countries, your sales message will connect with powder coating professionals as well as those considering powder coating applications.

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Well-established in the powder coating industry as a paramount resource and the Powder Coating Institute's (PCI) official publication, Powder Coated Tough provides the information powder coating professionals need to stay connected to industry happenings. From news to best practices and from troubleshooting to advanced technologies, it is simply the best place to launch your company's message to the industry.

Powder Coated Tough publishes six issues annually, culminating with our Buyers Guide, in November/December. In our continuous efforts to improve, we established the Powder Coated Tough subcommittee, whose role is to advise our publication staff on keeping Powder Coated Tough relevant and sought-after as our industry's top resource for powder coating knowledge. With their guidance, we have revamped the editorial calendar for 2018, which readers and advertisers alike will find contains engaging and relevant topics. These include Giving Back: The Powder Community's Contributions, Technology on the Finishing Line, Safety & Governmental Regulations, Color: Trends & Characteristics, and Young Leaders: Powder's Next Generation.

Dedicated solely to informing and educating the entire powder coating industry, Powder Coated Tough is your best connection and industry reference.

Trena Benson
Executive Director, The Powder Coating Institute
Publisher, Powder Coated Tough

The VOICE of the

As the official publication of The Powder Coating Institute, Powder Coated Tough magazine has a dedicated audience of OEMs, custom coaters & job shops, PCI member company personnel, academia, trade associations, consultants and manufacturer’s reps. Powder Coated Tough is a subscription-requested publication that is distributed to more than 16,000 manufacturing professionals. The magazine’s digital version hits more than 20,000 inboxes.

Powder Coated Tough subscribers include:

  • Business Owners/General & Plant Managers
  • Business & Technical Directors
  • Finishing System Managers
  • Applicators & Spray Booth Operators
  • QC/QA Managers
  • Technical Directors
  • Account Executives/Sales Managers Business Development Officers
  • Chemist & Research Engineers
  • Industrial Designers/Engineers
  • Technical Service Professionals Consultants
  • Distributors
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Purchasing/Supply Chain Professionals
  • Accounting Professionals
  • LEAN & Continuous Improvement Managers

Powder Coated Tough is read by the manufacturers you want to reach!

Circulation – More Than 20,000 Readers in more than 50 Different Industries!

  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Agricultural
  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Furniture
  • General Metal Products
  • HVAC
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Transportation


According to the results of our 2017 Reader's Survey:

  • 60% of respondents have been reading Powder Coated Tough (PCT) for more than 3 years; 34.5% have been reading PCT for fewer than 3 years. That means while we have a large, loyal readership that has been with us for many years, we are also cultivating a healthy new audience, too.
  • 93% of respondents read "Every issue" or "Most issues" of PCT. This means readers are engaged with the magazine and are exposed repeatedly to our advertiser's brands.
  • 61% of respondents said their copy of PCT is read by others in their workplace, so our reach is far beyond our 16,000+ print subscribers!
  • 60% of our readers say they use our Buyers Guide Edition as a reference tool throughout the year, making it a "go to" resource when readers are looking to purchase products and services.
  • When asked why they read Powder Coated Tough, the top two answers were: "To keep up to date on latest news/industry trends" and "For the coverage of industry players/competitors."


As the official publication of the Powder Coating Institute, whose mission is to promote the benefits of powder coating technology, Powder Coated Tough (PCT) magazine is the best resource for current users of powder coatings, those considering a conversion to powder and industry suppliers. PCT does this through unique and thought-provoking articles about powder application, case studies, industry news and trends.


Powder Coated Tough's editorial content is developed and written by industry experts who are powder coating and manufacturing veterans. Managing Editor Sheila LaMothe has been involved with manufacturing publications since 1999. Technical Editor Kevin Biller provides our readers with the latest in powder coating innovations. To enjoy our editorial features, visit www.powdercoatedtough.com.

Sheila LaMothe, Managing Editor
Has been involved with manufacturing publications since 1999. She has experience with all aspects of publication production including writing and editing articles for trade media, particularly in sheet metal fabrication and related industries. As Associate Director of Marketing and Public Relations at TRUMPF Inc., Sheila oversaw the production of the organization’s customer magazine which has a North American circulation of more than 20,000 and is produced in both English and Spanish. 
Kevin Biller, Technical Editor
Has been developing new powder coating technology since he began his career in 1978 at the Glidden Paint Company. He held various technical positions during his 15 years there including group leader-automotive coatings, and section leader. Kevin has also been president/ owner of powder manufacturers, technical editor of a coatings magazine and technical director for a powder manufacturer. In 2007, Biller established the Powder Coating Research Group.


POWDER COATED TOUGH 2018 Jan/Feb Mar/Apr May/Jun Jul/Aug Sep/Oct Nov/Dec
Feature Editorial Giving Back: The Powder Community's Contributions Technology on the Finishing Line Safety & Governmental Regulations Color: Trends & Characteristics Young Leaders: Powder's Next Generation Annual Buyers Guide
Spotlight Profiles Part Preparation (Masking & Pretreatment) Controls & Software Personal Protective Equipment Powder Producers/Distributors & Raw Materials Ovens & Systems Houses Application Equipment
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Bonus Distribution PC 101/202 Workshops
Custom Coater Forum
PC 2018 Technical Conference
PC 101/202 Workshops PC 101/202 Workshops PC 101/202 Workshops
PC 101/202 Workshops
PC 101/202 Workshops
PC 2019 Technical Conference
Included in every issue: Technology Interchange, Ask Joe Powder, Tough Talk, PC Pop Quiz, Custom Coaters Corner and Preferred Suppliers Guide. Questions? Email editor@powdercoating.org.


Advertisers in Powder Coated Tough earn credit toward free digital advertising based on their total ad spend for the year.

2,500 - 5,000 up to 500
5,001 - 10,000 up to 1,000
10,001 - 15,000 up to 1,500
15,001 - 20,000 up to 2,000
More than 20,000 up to 2,500

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PCI Members receive a 20% discount on all advertising opportunities, including digital.

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2018 Buyers Guide Enhancements

Product Ads: $200
  • 2.25" W x 1.75" H ad in one Category Listing section
Enhanced Listing Package: $250 (FREE for advertisers running any size print ad in Buyers Guide)
  • Boldfaced Listings
  • 4/C logo in Supplier Directory section
  • Hyperlink to your URL each time you are listed (digital edition only)
Deluxe Listing Package: $400
  • Receive all Enhanced Listing Package items plus a Product Ad

Quarter Page Profile Spotlights

Advertisers: $400 | Non-Advertisers: $1,000

Spotlights contain short title, 40-70 words, company logo or picture, and contact information. Spotlights subject to editing. PCI members who advertise with at least a Half Page ad in the issue where their product category is featured will receive a free spotlight in that issue.

*Advertisement must be in the same issue to receive advertiser rate.

Integrated Sponsorships (exclusive per issue; appears in print and digital editions of Powder Coated Tough)

Ask Joe Powder: 3X, $4,800 | 6X, $7,200
Powder Coating Pop Quiz: 3X, $4,800 | 6X, $7,200
  • Banner ad in print & digital editions and email blasts (email blast for Pop Quiz only)
  • Ability to reprint with permission

Cover Corner Cut: $3,900 (5% discount available for 6X advertisers)

  • Appears on bottom right corner on the cover
  • Can be a stand-alone message or direct readers to your ad inside the issue

Product Launch Package: $8,500 (a $13,200 value!)

  • Cover Corner Cut
  • Two-page spread in print & digital editions (center spread or far forward)
  • Featured position in eNews email blast
  • Website banner ad for one month


Companies editorially featured in Powder Coated Tough can choose:

  • Extra Magazine Copies: starts at $125
    • Must be ordered in quantities of 50 before issue goes to print
  • Article Reprint (With Ads): starts at $75
    • Print-quality PDF containing article as it appears in the magazine
  • Article Reprint (Without Ads): starts at $225
    • Print-quality PDF containing article with ads removed and content reflowed/redesigned for continuity


  • Trim Size: 8" x 10.75"
  • Colors: 4-Color Process Throughout (CMYK Only; No Pantones)
  • Cover Stock: 80# Gloss Cover
  • Body Stock: 60# Gloss Text
  • Binding Method: Saddle Stitch

Ad Specifications: Please supply files as PDF/X4. All fonts must be embedded, image resolution should be 300dpi, and all colors must be converted to process.

File Transmission: Email ad materials (print and digital) to ads@powdercoatedtough.com. For files too large to email, contact us for additional options.


Ad Type Specifications 1 Month Rate (per month) 6 Month Rate (per month) 12 Month Rate (per month)
Leaderboard Ad 728px ⨯ 90px 475 425 400
Skyscraper Ad 160px ⨯ 600px 475 425 400
Rectangle Ad 250px ⨯ 200px 425 400 375
Video YouTube embed 175 150 125
Featured Product 180px ⨯ 150px 250 225 200
Category Sponsorship Ad 160px ⨯ 600px 200 175 150
Advertisement Location Examples (click to view)

Website Advertising

Leaderboard Ad
  • 3 rotating positions available; appears at top and bottom of Home page
Skyscraper Ad
  • 3 rotating positions available; appears in right column of Home page
Rectangle Ad
  • 3 rotating positions available; appears just below fold of Home page
Video Ad
  • 3 rotating positions available; appears just below fold of Home page; video must be supplied as YouTube embed
Featured Product Ad
  • 8 rotating positions available; appears below fold of Home page
Category Sponsorship

Skyscraper ad on category page of your choice. Choose from: Powder Coating Materials; Application & Systems; Pretreatment & Surface Prep; Curing/ Ovens; Racking & Masking; Substrates; Raw Materials; Testing Equipment.

(Website ad files must be .jpg or .png with a file size of less than 150KB. Digital advertising is managed through Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers platform. Advertisers receive monthly impression and click-through reporting.)


Ad Type Specifications 1 Month Rate (per month) 6 Month Rate (per month) 12 Month Rate (per month)
Industry eNews Spotlight - Top Position (exclusive each month) See below 550 500 475
Industry eNews Spotlight See below 300 275 250

Email Advertising

Industry eNews Spotlight

Post a success story, product or technology profile, or other informative content to be emailed to over 17,000 opt-in subscribers. Up to 10 entries contained in each month’s email blast. eNews entry will contain:

  • Up to 50-word description
  • Logo or accompanying image; 250px ⨯ 250px
  • Link and contact information

(eNews images must be .jpg or .png with a file size of less than 60KB. Digital advertising is managed through Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers platform. Advertisers receive monthly impression and click-through reporting.)


Ad Type Specifications 1 Month Rate (per month) 6 Month Rate (per month) 12 Month Rate (per month)
Native Advertising
(exclusive each month)
See Below 2,500 n/a n/a
Digital Edition Sponsorship
(exclusive each month)
See Below 850 650 n/a

Multi-Channel Advertising

Native Advertising (NEW IN 2018!)

Supply an article to be exclusively featured on the Home page of the Powder Coated Tough website for one month. Afterwards the article will be forever archived in a special section of the website. Article will be promoted in the Industry eNews Spotlight, and to PCI's Facebook and Twitter followers.

  • Between 1,000-1,500 words
  • Can be a case study, promote products or services, or contain other interesting content
  • Up to 2 accompanying photos (must own rights to photos and complete a photo permissions form)
  • Content subject to editorial approval
  • Limit 3 entries annually per company

Digital Edition Sponsorship

Sponsor the digital edition of Powder Coated Tough and receive:

  • Full page ad with link to sponsor’s website appearing adjacent to digital edition front cover
  • Two display ads in digital edition email blast (one each; 468px ⨯ 60px and 250px ⨯ 250px)
  • "Sponsored By" logo and link on Home page of Powder Coated Tough website


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